Virtual - Kids

Bethel Church wants to stay connected with our students during this time of uncertainty and social distancing. 

We hope to create content that will be useful, meaningful and fun for our children and their families.


Check back soon for weekly videos, activities and resources to do at home.  

We'll try to stick to the following posting schedule:

Sundays - "Pajama" Sunday School Lesson videos

Tuesdays - Dance and Sing-along videos

Thursdays - Bethel Kids' Craft videos

  • Week 2 - Palm Sunday PREVIEW


    This week's craft projects require very few supplies but will provide tons of fun for Bethel's kiddos AND inspire them to pray for others each day.  All you need is paper (print out the templates below) and a pair of scissors.  It's that simple!  Parents:  a helpful "warm-up" might be to draw some random lines on a scrap piece of paper and have your younger children practice folding along those lines.  Once they master that skill, they'll be ready to go!

    Prayer Catcher Template - A quick and easy project for kids of any age.

    Flexagon Template - This may require a bit of supervision for younger children.


    Dance and Sing-a-Long

    Feeling a little bored?  Tired of trying to think of something to do?  We've got the answer for you...get up and dance!  Our Week 2 Dance & Sing-along video will get you jumping and dancing.  But even more importantly, it'll get you focused on praising God.  That's something we can do ALL the time!


    Pajama Sunday School - Palm Sunday

    Welcome to another Pajama Sunday School Lesson!  This week we're going to dive into the Easter Story by learning about Palm Sunday, even though Palm Sunday isn't until next week.  Hosanna!  Can you guess who our special guest will be? 

    Don't forget to download the activity sheets so you'll have something to do on a rainy day.

    K-2 Activity Pages - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

    3-5 Activity Pages - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD



    Zacchaeus Memory Game Craft

    Test your knowledge and your memory as you create and play this fun memory game! can make it simple by printing the ready-to-color cards onto cardstock, or you can go the craftier route as demonstrated in the video - you decide based on your patience level!  Simply download the printable files below.  

    Zacchaeus Memory Game TemplatePrint double-sided on card stock or single-sided on regular paper

    Blank Memory Game Template - Print and create your own memory game cards



    Dance and Sing-along Video

    Put on your dancing shoes - it's time for our Bethel Kids Dance & Sing-along video, featuring songs to get you moving and praising God!  Helpful hint: the chorus of the first song is a perfect length for washing your hands.  ENJOY!!


    Pajama Sunday School - Zacchaeus

    Good Morning, kids!  Thanks for joining us for Bethel's first Pajama Sunday School. Today we're learning all about Zacchaeus and how Jesus's love for him not only changed Zacchaeus's perspective, it changed his life!  Don't forget to print out the activity pages for older (3rd-5th grade) and younger (K-2nd) children.

    K-2nd grade Activity Pages - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

    3rd-5th grade Activity Pages - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


    Bethel Kids' Craft - Name Creatures

    Hello, friends!  Our theme this week is all about seeing and doing things in a new way; we've certainly been doing a lot of that lately, right?!  In this craft video, we'll be looking at our NAMES in a new way.  I can't wait to see all of the wonderfully unique creatures you make so be sure to send me a picture of your craft and I'll try to add it to our next video so everyone can see!  

    Send pictures via email: or cell: 302-542-1656.

    Supplies needed:  

    • a piece of white printer/copy paper
    • markers or crayons

    (extra supplies can be found in the Bethel Kids' Craft container on the Parsonage Meeting House front yourself!)

    CLICK HERE to view Name Creature Craft Video