Bethel is serious about providing youth groups that are places of safety and acceptance, where our students can connect with God in a seriously authentic way. Through Sunday night small group sessions, Fuel group meetings, Bible Studies, mission trips, service projects and more, we want to equip our students with the tools necessary to continue on a lifelong journey within the body of Christ. Serious worship...serious discipleship...serious friends...serious fun. That's what Fuel Student Ministries is all about. For more information, contact Ray Davis


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  • sunday night fuel

    It's all about relationships! At Sunday Night Fuel, we guide students during their developing years (6th-12th grades) into a life-changing personal relationship with Christ. While having fun in a relaxed but exciting environment, students become equipped to do the work of the ministry. Through worship, retreats, and crazy activities we engage your student in a personal and positive way so, in turn, students may reach their friends for Christ.


    For more information, contact Ray Davis


    Sunday's from 6:30-8:00

    Parsonage Meeting House

    For 6th-12th graders

  • FUEL small group

    Fuel's Small Group is designed for those 6th-12th grade students who'd like to delve a little deeper into God's word. It's one way for us to push back the noise in our lives and become intentional about hearing from God. We share a meal, study and discuss books, videos and scripture, and enjoy a relaxed, intimate setting before we gather with the Sunday Night Fuel crowd. 

    For more information, contact Ray Davis


    Please contact Ray Davis for more info.

  • FUSE Young Adult Ministry

    FUSE is your opportunity to join up with other young adults (18 to 25) to navigate together all of the changes that come along with this season of life.  You'll find an inviting atmosphere where you can meet new friends, reconnect with old ones, and grow in your spiritual journey through regular get-togethers, Bible study, serving opportunities and mission trips.  To find out more about FUSE, contact Ray Davis


    Please contact Ray Davis for more info.